Credit: Capitol NashvilleRising with a perfect wink like “cottonwood fallin’ like snow in July,” Nashville country heart Luke Bryan fittingly notched in the top slot on Billboard’s Country Songs chart this week with “Drunk on You.” An indian summer love chase from late August 2011 via third effort Tailgates & Tanlines, this dashboard slapper’s got winks all over it actually:

Girl you make my speakers go boom-boom
Dancing on the tailgate in the full moon
That kinda thing makes a man go mmm-mmm

Taken out of its twinkly acoustic fingerpickin’ back-thread and monster-arena twang leads, things get tawdry for more than a hot minute with one-liners riding “good God almighty” and “get the party started” heels, but patch-worked with Bryan’s earnest summer dusk yearn, it’s as simply blissful as a cold beer after a hot day’s work. Except in this case, it’s the kind of work “looking so good in what’s left of those blue jeans,” while also the very same tall drink of something hair-tussling sing-song:

Drip of honey on the money make it gotta be
The best buzz I’m ever gonna find
Hey, I’m a little drunk on you and high on summertime

So what the hell y’alls waiting for – go get yourself drunk on someone: