Bear with me for a second. In 2008, during Hot 97’s Summer Jam, Kanye performed directly after Lil Wayne and was visibly shaken by the utter ridiculousness of Wayne’s set, admitting that he needed to step up his game to top Weezy.

In the time since, Kanye dropped the awe-inspiring glitz of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and pushed the limits of superstardom with Jay-Z on Watch the Throne. In other words, Kanye started playing a whole different game.

Mercy” is Kanye and his G.O.O.D. music project reppin’ hard:

You know what that mean: I’m fly to death

I step in Def Jam building like I’m the shit

Tell ’em “give me fifty million or I’mma quit”

Most rappers’ taste level ain’t at my waist level

But oh, then there’s the video. Black and white in a parking garage in front of the titled Lamborghini wearing outfits surpassing Kanye hero Michael Jackson‘s “Badthugs and pushing cult-ish aesthetics with dance moves that are so awkward they’re explainable only as some kind of shibboleth, the single is a calling card of sorts for Kanye’s new approach to hip hop.

Kanye’s at the top of his game. And there’s a line here that fascinates me:

Something ’bout Mary, she gone off that Molly

Now the whole party is melted like Dali

The track is the first taste of the collaborative album Cruel Summer–to be released with its own short film (again, taking cues from MJ)–and aren’t you curious about what Kanye will come up with when he starts doing psychedelics?