There’s nostalgia in any classic song familiar to you. Perhaps “I Gotta Feeling” was playing when you played your first game of beer pong. Maybe “Waterfalls” was on repeat on the best summer of your life.

Just as Taylor Swift did with “Tim McGraw,” Eric Church‘s lovely “Springsteen” is a song about reminiscing when hearing a classic song on the radio and it reminding you of a special someone.

The words could’ve been taken right from Church’s diary or perhaps intercepted from a letter between him and his lover. Regardless, it’s a delight to the ears and a gift to country radio. The song simplistic and sincere, and we can see old-school rock fans and new-age Country listeners relating to it sweetly.

“Springsteen” takes a walk down memory lane humbly and nostalgically:

Somewhere between that certain song
‘I’m On Fire,’ ‘I’m Born To Run’
You looked at me and I was done
We, we’re just getting started

Church isn’t the only one to feel this way about Bruce Springsteen. His patriotism and musical strength are a staple for many veterans of his era. He explains the way a song triggers the memory so strangely in our minds:

When I think about you
I think about seventeen
I think about my old jeep
like a soundtrack to a July Saturday night

Name-dropping the Springsteen classics, Eric Church reminds us of the beauty in our memories, and this effect is probably why his song is doing so well. People can always be connected through music. More solemnly he turns back time:

Even though you’re a million miles away
when you hear ‘Born In The U.S.A.’
do you relive those ‘Glory Days’
from so long ago

The beauty of this song is that the mustached crooner delivers a hearty chorus, two verses and a bridge without much repetition before the song’s slow “whoa-whoa-whoa” close at the end. Does it bring you back, too?