Ellie Goulding – LightsElectronic pop newcomer Ellie Goulding is quite a bright light on the music scene. “Lights,” from the album of the same name. is her proud successful single, and it’s full of fresh and wonderful words. Goulding’s rivals on the charts may falter lyrically, but her hit single is far from dense:

I had a way then losing it all on my own
I had a heart then but the queen has been overthrown
And I’m not sleeping now the dark is too hard to beat
And I’m not keeping now the strength I need to push me

Something about the way Goulding’s tune quite literally blinks as it dances along the words about the toxic quality of something so strong – it’s invigorating:

You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine It when I’m alone
And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong
And dreaming when they’re gone

And when she finally sings:

Cause they’re calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home

It’s both heartbreaking and empowering. Her fallen and broken energy provides a luminous outward quality that pierces through the audio spectrum. Goulding’s “Lights” may be new to the charts but it is certainly not new to the music scene. This sleeper hit took nearly three years to make its way to Billboard‘s Top 5 as well as SongLyrics‘ very own most popular lyrics. At the rate it’s going, we don’t see it going anywhere for a long while, too.