According to a range of eschatological theories, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. And while I personally do not tune into said beliefs, I still recognize life could end at any given moment and ‘seize the moment’ appropriately. As does Scottish DJ, Calvin Harris, it seems. So let’s write a club banger about it, shall we?

Let’s Go” featuring Ne-Yo (doing his best Chris Brown impression) is the third single to be taken from Harris’ forthcoming self-titled third album. The synth-drenched jam encourages us, albeit in very few words, to live everyday like it’s our last. After all, if those eschatologists are to be believed, we might not have very long left:

Let’s go!
Your time is running out
Let’s go!
I’m talking here and now

So during this ticking time bomb that is life, Calvin Harris does not want you to dwell on your past mistakes, but focus on your fabulous future (or some carpe diem cliché like that). And that’s because, dear reader, Calvin Harris CARES about you. Even more so if you buy this song on iTunes:

It’s about what you doing
It’s all about where you going
No matter where you’ve been
Let’s go!

Well, Harris’ approach may work for some. Alas, “Let’s Go” makes me wish the end of the world would come a little quicker. At least for as long as he continues to pump out utterly unoriginal tracks like this one (seriously, David Guetta was on to the ‘crossover banger’ thing months back).

PS – “Let’s go” where, exactly?