Books on Tape, aka San Francisco’s Adam Dishart, recently sent us an email asking if we would be up for checking out his latest double-sided single, “Carnival Lights” / “Memory.” Since we are all for championing new music here at SongLyrics, we were more than happy to oblige. In fact, we were so won over by the tracks which plopped in our inbox, we decided to skip the chart-toppers and instead dedicate today’s Song Review to this much-deserving upcoming artist.

Stand-out track, “Carnival Lights,” is an aural embodiment of its moniker: the wistful twines of six strings twirl like that of a night carousel, on which you are riding with a lost love. Synth chords subtly support this airy acoustic, while Dishart’s vocals move overhead in an almost troubled motion – a melancholic mélange which coaxes the song in the direction of the quasi-epic 80s post-punk territory so close to Books on Tape’s heart.

While flip-side, “Memory,” is shaped from similar materials as “Carnival Lights,” this track dispenses of the immediate hook of its counterpart and instead shoots for the slow burn. Whether you will be willing to stick around to allow the track to make an impression on your auditory canal is, of course, up to you, but we recommend that you give it go. In time, a charming coherence unfurls among that initial vulnerability.

While these tracks admittedly tread safely in twee, there is little to object here. Both songs ultimately serve as an impressive introduction to Books on Tape, as well as an endearing overture to Dishart’s debut album, Memory, which drops this summer.

Learn more over at Books on Tape’s Facebook page.


Check out both tracks and tell us what you think!