Legendary writer Salman Rushdie recently sat down with the CBC to discuss his latest novel Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights. The conversation took a slight detour when he was asked to recite and analyze of all things the lyrics to some of Drake‘s most popular verses; because that’s what you do when you sit down with a world-renowned author.

The 68-year-old award winning writer took it all in stride and while it is a bit contrived there is a hint of comedy that is worth at least a minute of your time.

All things considered Rushdie holds his own, delivering the verses with a deadpan style that fits right in line with mainstream rap. The video kicks off with Rushdie reciting the line, “Lately I feel the haters eatin’ away at my confidence/They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments,” (from “6pm in New York“). He responds with a dry, “I know how that feels.”

Rushdie also goes on to comment on verses from “6 God,” “What’s My Name?,” “Know Yourself,” and “Forever.” There’s nothing out of the ordinary here other than polite responses towards Drake’s prose, but during the interview Rushdie does unexpectedly draw a connection between Drake and Marilyn Monroe, mentioning that the line, “Only thing we have on is the radio,” is a Marilyn Monroe quote.

There’s a corny late night feel to it, where you take two things out of context and put them side by side hoping that the juxtaposition will produce gold. It doesn’t, it lays a big fat goose egg. And that might have to do with Rushdie being overtly affable, avoiding controversy by being lighthearted.

Conversely, it’s nothing like the merciless grandma who ruthless tears into”Jumpman” with the ferocity of a thousand angry critics. An analysis more honest than anyone’s willing to admit.