Wax Tracks:

Record Store Day 2012 is upon us – April 21 – making it year number five for the local record store-coddling affair. An official ambassador has been named, as well, the lust-for-lifer Iggy Pop, picking up the torch from 2011’s Ozzy Osbourne. Of greater importance, though, are the names of one-off collaborations and splits that are starting to make their way to the interwebs, before the official list posts from RSD proper. Wax Poetic has done a massive combing through the industry to offer a sneak peak. Flaming Lips collabs, Sigur Ros, David Lynch, the goods sparkle this year.

Skirting on the Surface:

Headline machine Radiohead teased another new tune along their current U.S. tour trek, this time in Dallas (March 5). Dubbed “Skirting on the Surface,” once again, by the power and glory of YouTube, we have a live world premier of the sounds. Though Thom Yorke‘s super group Atoms for Peace toyed around with it in 2009, this is the first time the Radioheads have performed it together. Dig on the acoustic-led chug-a-lug rhythm here.

Hip-Hop Sufjan:

Sufjan Stevens first project since 2010’s The Age of Adz dropped today via the single “Museum Day” over on the Soundcloud page that he and collaborators Son Lux and rapper Serengeti are dubbing themselves s/s/s under, this being part of an EP to drop officially later this spring called Beak & Claw. Though the production hits some Age of Adz strides in walls of choral and cymbal pushes, there are some pensive moments, spoken word, key twinkles and the dreaded auto-tune. Think they pulled off the genre-bending? Voice your thoughts below.

Wrecking Ball:

Following a track-a-day promo this preceding week, the BOSS-man is now streaming his 17th career effort Wrecking Ball in full in celebration of its release today. Why, is a little confusing. But the post-recession theme of the record may have something to do with it. Or maybe just to circumvent illegal downloads. At any rate, stay tuned for SongLyrics‘ own review via Casey Moeckel, and go on and get your streaming studying on in the interim.