America’s little Barbadian pop-princess, Rihanna, has stepped back from the promotion of her new full-frontal tattoo social media assault to tease a song from her forthcoming untitled seventh record. Dubbed “Diamonds,” complete with a cheeky diamond-studded spliff of a cover art image, either she poached Lana Del Rey‘s Born To Die production team, or is subliminally aping that blend of shimmering angst, as its faux-string, isolated key stabs follow Rihanna’s lyric hook – “Shine bright like a diamond.” She even hits that ridiculous pitch swing that LDR calls art. But then again, here we are comparing an artist to LDR. So mission accomplished Ms. Rey. Besides, Rihanna’s production team has been revealed as helmed by Sean Garrett, a dude who has glossed over everyone from Britney Spears to Usher. Above all, though, she can’t possibly be using this whole diamond metaphor as a tieback to Chris Brown, can she? The answer is no, because she didn’t even write the lyrics. That honor goes to Australian songwriting talent Sia. In that regard, it’s better than “Birthday Cake.”

So shine bright tonight
You and I
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky