Riff: Vampire Weekend – “Ya Hey”

May 8, 2013

You won’t even say your name/Only I am that I am/But whoever could live that way?

from Ya Hey lyrics by Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend’s clever indictment of God himself (or “Yahweh”) is light-years beyond their older “Lacoste-life” material in creativity, and the heavier production works – except for the chorus’ obnoxious chipmunk vocals. That trend needs to stop, but a mix sans squeals would be superb; [LISTEN].

  • shellicar

    This is my favorite track on the album. To me the chorus seems very primal. I love the depth Vampire Weekend attains on this work. The whole album is very spiritual, earthy, filled with substance.

    • Karl

      I’d agree with the “depth” comments you’re making for most of this album – on that note, as a casual listener (but not huge/devout fan) of Vampire Weekend, I know for a fact there is a lot I’m missing in this album in terms of lyrical layers. However, I still would say that the chipmunk sounds are a bit trendy/gimmicky, and at the very least distracting.

  • Bruce Wayne

    if u have a fatty the chipmunks are cool:<

    • Karl

      Well, that’s an option I haven’t tried yet, heh ;). I just feel a bit like Kanye alone has made the chipmunk sound tired – at least for *my* ears.

Riff by Karl Ernest

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