Riff: The Strokes – “80s Comedown Machine”

Mar 27, 2013

It’s not/Explain the first time/That I’ve watched you/Passing by/I’ve tried too hard/To get back there/But, you never try/Anymore

from 80s Comedown Machine lyrics by The Strokes

In which The Strokes namecheck the era this ‘Comedown Machine’ mutters, some feedback in its final moments can’t shake a sullen soul’s chase at love or happiness, who knows, Casablancas has these characters on lockdown, doomed to dance forever around a haunting carousel key melody; [LISTEN].

Riff by Gavin Paul

Gavin Paul is SONGLYRICS' Editor-in-Chief. Chicago-bred, New York-sculpted, his words and ideas have appeared in publications ranging from Spin and Rolling Stone to The Chicago Sun-Times and Arborist News.

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