Riff: Talib Kweli – “Delicate Flowers”

May 6, 2013

My indiscretions is reeking of deep betrayal/The beetles are like horses, it’s hard to keep them stable/She believe me the way Michael believe in Fredo/But I need her, she the proof of my soul, my sweet potato

from Delicate Flowers lyrics by Talib Kweli

Reflecting on his maturation as a lyricist, Talib could have easily turned this ballad into a cheesy LL Cool J style outcry. But instead he admittedly takes ownership of his indiscretions, which is about as up front and honest as one could expect. It’s a nice break in the ideological action.

Riff by Jeff Min

Jeff Min is a Chicago-based writer at SONGLYRICS. His work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Hi-Fructose, Wax Poetics, SLAM, and HOOP.

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