Riff: Smith Westerns – “Varsity”

Mar 7, 2013

And I know it’s hard to be alone/Count the days, count the nights, but I don’t get by

from Varsity lyrics by http://www.songlyrics.com/smith-westerns-lyrics/

Chicago’s youngblood power-pop set amp the glam on their ripped-jeaned kicks, still not over their teenage angst as they approach a Beach Housian 20-something wallow. The hooks may be windswept, but behind their shades well some loser tears for varsity flex. Of course, we all know who gets the girl.

Riff by Gavin Paul

Gavin Paul is SONGLYRICS' resident Content Guru. Chicago-bred, New York-sculpted, his words and ideas have appeared in publications ranging from Spin and Rolling Stone to The Chicago Sun-Times and Arborist News.

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