Riff: Phosphorescent – “Song for Zula”

Mar 20, 2013

See honey, I am not some broken thing/I do not lay here in the dark waiting for thee/No my heart is gold and my feet are light/And I am racing out on the desert plains all night

from Song for Zula lyrics by Phosphorescent

Lulled out of the dawn sun of its preceding opener, Matthew Houck cues some strings and an echoing 808 drum beat to denounce love of its ‘burning’ Johnny Cash fiery ring-isms and color it a “caging being,” his perfect wavering, spectral vocal print gaining speed and strength as it chases freedom.

Riff by Gavin Paul

Gavin Paul is SONGLYRICS' Editor-in-Chief. Chicago-bred, New York-sculpted, his words and ideas have appeared in publications ranging from Spin and Rolling Stone to The Chicago Sun-Times and Arborist News.

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