Riff: Macklemore – “Miracle”

Sep 25, 2017

I’d be a sinner, but thank God I’m not religious/And I’m addicted, drugs and women, there’s no difference/I know the right, but the wrong is just so tempting/I’ve got a phobia, fear of what I’m missing, amen

from Miracle lyrics by Macklemore

Soiling himself up a bit to make him seem edgier than he is. He’s introducing god and the devil, and explaining to the world how he’s a hopeless sinner. It’s a calculated move that is meant to seduce fans into thinking that he has a mysterious side. But instead of divulging details and facts, he falls back on age old tropes; easy to frame ideas that are easily dismissed.


Riff by Jeff Min

Jeff Min is a Chicago-based writer at SONGLYRICS. His work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Hi-Fructose, Wax Poetics, SLAM, and HOOP.

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