Riff: Lil Skies – “Lettuce Sandwich”

Jan 16, 2018

The coupe, is tinted/She thought it was rented/I want it, I’mma spend it/Live my life with no limits

from Lettuce Sandwich lyrics by Lil Skies

Lil Skies is on a mission. He’s reaching for the cabbage and looking to secure generational wealth. As the captain of the ship he’s used to having dusty stowaways hitching free rides, but he knows that if he sheds the dead weight he can move even faster. Knowing who to trust and who not to helps him keep things in order. It’s dangerous waters and he needs to be in control to ensure longevity.


Riff by Jeff Min

Jeff Min is a Chicago-based writer at SONGLYRICS. His work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, Hi-Fructose, Wax Poetics, SLAM, and HOOP.

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