Riff: Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”

Nov 2, 2012

Now don’t you understand?/I’m not changing who I am

from It's Time lyrics by Imagine Dragons

This song is brilliant for a 30-second commercial, but at four minutes, it becomes tediously repetitive. A theme for venturing out into the world but staying true to and proud of yourself, its message is uplifting but the heavy-handed, monotonous and compressed production dulls.

  • Jurgis

    For me it is an awesome song. All of them are. Everyone can decide what song means to them. For me, they are saying, that it’s time to do something, but you can never change what you realy are.

    • Karl

      Thanks for the input – we at SongLyrics appreciate it.

      My beef is not with the lyrics, though, but the music. While it’s a pretty cool message, it’s sung unfortunately over a very generic, over-compressed, mono-dynamic 4-chord radio-pop track. As a lifelong music-obsessive, I’m one of the few who actually listens to the music more than the lyrics, and I get really bored by songs like this. It’s one of those tracks that reinforces the recent scientific study about how pop music has become “louder and dumber” over the last 50 years (I’d link to it, but then my comment would be possibly flagged as spam).

  • Fan of music

    Kale you know nothing of music and sound like a 55 year old business man who cares only about money. This song is confidence in words it says be who you are don’t change it will only hurt you. The music is uplifting with beats and notes that never get old.

    • Karl

      Thanks for taking the time to speak your mind with this 20-something curmudgeon.

      My beef, as I was saying earlier, is not about the lyrics but the music itself. Quite frankly, I do have to disagree about the music never getting old. While it is uplifting, it commits all of the sins of “money-hungry” radio rock in over-compression and having a fairly trite melody – one that pleases at 30 seconds but gets very boring after that to the discerning listener. We usually can’t copy-paste here, so look up “The Loudness War NPR” on Google to see what I mean better explained, or google “Pop Music Getting Louder and Worse.”

      My solution to these problems as an avid music listener (who’s actually much younger than his complaining would imply), is to listen to less pop music – there’s plenty of great stuff out there, and the internet makes it much easier to find than ever.

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