Riff: Foals – “Late Night”

Feb 12, 2013

They said I swam the sea that ran around/They said I once was lost but now I’m truly found

from Late Night lyrics by Foals

Pushing all the emotional buttons, “Late Night” begins as a brooding and haunting torch song as Yannis deals with the possibility of losing a close loved one before it flickers into life with a low-key funk backdrop and then a swelling indie-rock finale which offers a further sense of hope.

  • Chrissie

    Just love this song…the low mood of what I feel (my own translation) of a relationship with the mother figure gone awol. Abandoment issues abound here …the release and relief in the end of losing her to the sea…final words down “telephone cord” its quite a tragically sad song but the upbeat ending gives hope to the feeling he really IS OK about it…and goes onto find love in a woman without his mother’s influence no longer affecting him….

Riff by Jon O'Brien

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