Riff: David Bowie – “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)”

Feb 27, 2013

“We live close to the earth/Never to the heavens/The stars are never far away/Stars are out tonight”

from The Stars (Are Out Tonight) lyrics by David Bowie

10 years may have passed since Bowie released his last album, but as the man himself will tell you, “the stars are never sleeping.” Nevertheless, the Duke’s surprise return on his 66th b’day was greeted by mass rhetoric on the verge of the evangelical, reiterating the sentiments of this MOR chugger.

Riff by Jess Grant

Jess Grant is a UK-based staff writer for SongLyrics. Her articles were initially published by local newspapers and zines; she now writes reviews and features for a wide range of international, award winning art publications.

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