Riff: Daddy Yankee – “Limbo”

Jan 3, 2013

(Translation): It doesn’t matter if it is full, come here/There is enough space for everyone

from Limbo lyrics by Daddy Yankee

You know those songs that take six notes before you can predict the entire rest of the song? This is one of them. It’s a tropical party jam about the limbo. We get that it’s not exactly complex. But even for the setting, this is lazy. It’d fit a tourism ad, but not four minutes of beaten-dead-horse.

Riff by Karl Ernest

Karl is a Seattle-based musician and writer at SONGLYRICS; a veteran of both east and west-coast scenes, he has performed with the likes of The Ying Yang Twins, David Arquette, Wynton Marsalis, among others. But he's no stranger to seedy dives or house shows, either.

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