Riff: Brad Paisley – “Runaway Train”

Apr 8, 2013

Yeah I know what she’s doing but right now I don’t care/She can be Delilah here to cut off all my hair

from Runaway Train lyrics by Brad Paisley

With its flurry of fiddles and train-track rhythms, “Runaway Train” is the record at its most fast and furious, perhaps a suitable reflection of his mother’s state of mind once she realised that her son had brought home the complete opposite of the ‘good Christian girl’ she hoped for.

Riff by Jon O'Brien

Jon O'Brien is a UK-based staff writer for SONGLYRICS. He holds a journalism degree from the University of Central Lancashire and has written thousands of biographies and reviews for Allmusic.com, among several other pieces for established music publications.

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