Riff: Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies – “Boys ‘Round Here”

Jul 1, 2013

Yeah, the girls out here, they all deserve a whistle/Shakin’ that sugar, sweet as Dixie crystal

from Boys 'Round Here lyrics by Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies

This two-chord, redneck-pride jam starts innocently enough on “chewing tobacco” and “ice cold beer,” but subtly reminds of the South’s problems with both “Dixie crystal” meth and racism, ‘cuz “ain’t a damn one (‘round here’) know how to do the dougie.” This is why we can’t have nice things, ‘Merica.

Riff by Karl Ernest

Karl is a Seattle-based musician and writer at SONGLYRICS; a veteran of both east and west-coast scenes, he has performed with the likes of The Ying Yang Twins, David Arquette, Wynton Marsalis, among others. But he's no stranger to seedy dives or house shows, either.

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