Riff: Best Coast – “I Don’t Know How”

Sep 17, 2013

I don’t know how/To tell you I love you/To tell you I miss you/To tell you I care

from I Don't Know How lyrics by Best Coast

First taste of the “Mazzy Star, Patsy Cline, MBV and Ambien” cocktail of an EP Cosentino promises is very much the cathartic sum of said parts, beaming under the spotlight of a frustrated breakup monologue before flooring the bleached, scuzz pop cruiser toward some waves that won’t break.

Riff by Gavin Paul

Gavin Paul is SONGLYRICS' Editor-in-Chief. Chicago-bred, New York-sculpted, his words and ideas have appeared in publications ranging from Spin and Rolling Stone to The Chicago Sun-Times and Arborist News.

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