Riff: Alkaline Trio – “Until Death Do Us Part”

Apr 2, 2013

Did I love everything that I loved?/I suppose I did when push came to shove

from Until Death Do Us Part lyrics by Alkaline Trio

Al3 outdo themselves in the goal to compose a song using only hackneyed sayings – “Until Death” makes it about halfway there. Add a pound of “bones” and “heart,” and break up the lines two words at a time for emphasis. Pop-punk is necessarily cheesy, but it doesn’t have to be this generic; [LISTEN].

Riff by Karl Ernest

Karl is a Seattle-based musician and writer at SONGLYRICS; a veteran of both east and west-coast scenes, he has performed with the likes of The Ying Yang Twins, David Arquette, Wynton Marsalis, among others. But he's no stranger to seedy dives or house shows, either.

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