Beset with the burnout-sims of being dubbed the poster child of chillwave and everything dark and tenuous that comes along with bright light, big city living, Ernest Greene retreated to his bedroom roots and his art as a vessel for escapism to both celebrate life and purge demons on his sophomore effort, Paracosm.

Flipping from “nocturnal” to “daytime” psychedelia, the 30-year-old mood-guru asserts, gone are some of the crisper synthetics of Within and Without, replaced by over 50 new instrumentation tricks from old keyboards to various handheld drums, to percolate his warmest, most meditative statement yet. Those demons, they show up, but Greene’s now got an angle on how to deal. And after this 10-track, kaleidoscopic ride of decompressing one-liner mantras, so will you.

It All Feels Right

Companion piece to 09′s summer jam, “Feel It All Around,” as usurped by the city that young people go to retire,  Greene goes for easy, breezy gold again with a kaleidoscopic deflowering of the season’s first blooming of that beautifully inexplicable sentiment of “the feeling when it all works out:” [LISTEN]

"It All Feels Right"

Don’t Give Up

Fully-swathed now in the ‘daytime‘ psychedelics Greene set out to organically flip from preceding nocturnal synthetic depressants, the keys and melody may be a hazy, fuzzy trip, but like the warmth of a well-played vinyl, it all leads to a light, he swears – “don’t give up:” [LISTEN]

"Don't Give Up"


A burbling drum machine fill gives way to an explosion of sunshine-key waves, knob-twiddling guru, Ben H. Allen (Animal CollectiveDeerhunter) germinating Greene’s meditation of the age-old principle that the present is a gift, be one with the waves of chill and forget about the damn past: [LISTEN]


All I Know

In stark contrast to the “Weightless” mantra Greene wrestles with the darker side of psyche truisms ironically marred by bright acoustic guitar chugs and a bevy of shakers and tambourines on fade in a cathartic effort to keep a wanderlust heart warm, and close the chapter on an ex-love: [LISTEN]

"All I Know"

Great Escape

Meandering into soul-ish sway, Greene, once again, alludes to the escapisms themes that bind Paracosm, painting the most simple of sonic flowers with brushes of bongos and flanged-out key washes to drive home man’s most basic needs. Hand out the car-window, letting the wind take it: [LISTEN]

"Great Escape"


Here, at the center of Greene’s chillwave universe, you’ll find personal writings on the wall that speak volumes of what it means to be a bedroom pop millennial, insight in to how these creatures might have found happiness, woven around the lush sonics of otherwise sterile machines: [LISTEN]


Falling Back

Twinkling with a tender folkie finger-picking skip, the pace picks up, tonal swaths entering to try and suffocate with kindness a spirit that’s not listening to its needs/wants, while the LP’s oddest moment  – a stock set of handclaps – gives way to an open-field bird-chirp instrumental: [LISTEN]

"Falling Back"

All Over Now

Anchoring the boat back to shore, Greene watches the ripples of his wake smooth out on this comedown exit, wiser and more fulfilled then when he took off, entertaining self-revolutions, but still faced with the realism of the music being over, and the lights that have to be turned off: [LISTEN]

"All Over Now"