Tyga‘s newest album Kyoto is a project that has the young lyricist opening up like he never has before. The past few years have been mired in controversy and gossip, and Kyoto was his chance to not only clear the air, but to vent the frustrations that have slowly pushed him to his limit. Instead of lashing out like a raging fire, he settles down considerably, letting his emotions do the speaking. There’s very little rapping, mostly tenderhearted crooning that shows how deep the wounds go.

The beats are pedestrian at best, and dilute his efforts down to nothing. His singing is spotty and he needs an elementary landscape so he can hit the few notes from his already limited range. The combination of weepy lyrics and mundane beats make for a dismal experience, an outcry that holds no intimacy. The details are sparse, and just when you think he’s about to really open up he resorts back to tired, rap platitudes. The stage was set and everything was in place, he simply whiffed on what would have been an easy hit.


Tyga gets his meteorology on, explaining in not so detailed fashion how his girl is like a walking weather pattern. She’s hot and he’s cool, and together they’re luke warm. He’s hoping that with some coaxing he can get her to turn the temperature up and transform an ordinarily mild day into a sweltering heatwave. Sadly, the uninspired beat thwarts his effort, which was already weak to begin with: [LISTEN]

Leather in the Rain

His courtship takes him to the streets, and he’s looking for the type woman who can turn lemons into lemonade. Positivity is key and with her sitting shotgun he can accomplish anything. The woman he’s searching for is so bombastic and unapologetic that she’s willing to ruin perfectly good leather to get to where she’s going. It’s a spotty move, but the type of carefree attitude he finds enticing: [LISTEN]

Come and Ball Wit Me

Tyga gets his mack on, trying to convince his lady that together they can rule the world. He’s got money, power and all the connections in the industry to make her dreams come true. He’s hoping for an easy sell, but in the end knows he’s going to have to put in work. The beat is mild and he’s playing it cool as to not seem desperate. The lack of urgency, however, could be his ultimate undoing: [LISTEN]

Boss Up

Tyga hands over the keys and relinquishes control to his lady. The very act has him on cloud 9 and he’s hoping that her aggression will extend across the board. Power is the overarching theme, and the more she has the better. It’s his way of relaxing, knowing that he doesn’t have to grind as hard because she can hold her own. The beat keeps him dreaming; in constant search of that perfect 10: [LISTEN]

U Cry

Delicate piano licks mark an emotional outburst. The constant bickering has pushed him to his breaking point, and with so much turmoil going on around him he can’t help but lament. Tears are flowing from his eyes, and the memories of what once was only makes the demise of their relationship that much more painful. It’s a harrowing experience, and he’s crumbling from the inside out: [LISTEN]

King of the Jungle

Regret over a night of infidelity has him singing like a bird, confessing all his sins. It was pure impulse and he’s trying to explain to his number one that she and she alone has his heart. The play on words doesn’t seem to be enough, but he’s going to try until either she gives in or he loses his voice. He wants to pay his debts, and is hoping his tears will be a good down payment: [LISTEN]


The memory of his ex has him reeling, on fire with regret and remorse. He’s craning his neck to see what she’s up to, and every move is sending him into a tizzy. It’s so painful that he almost wants her to treat him bad, so that way he can have the motivation to leave her for good. Every minute without her is an eternity in hell, and the only thing that can quench the fire is her touch: [LISTEN]

I Need a Girl Pt.3

In need of constant love, Tyga resorts to begging. He’s spelling it out in plain English: he wants a woman in his life because without one he is incomplete. He’s feeling empty, utterly useless, a shell of himself. The dependency is keeping him in a constant state of distress, and thus the hunt must go on. Creeping the streets is his only option, but with no luck all he can do is weep: [LISTEN]

Train 4 This

The rap lifestyle has no shortage of drama, and Tyga is explaining to his lady that it just comes with the territory. He’s reassuring her that everything will be okay, and that so long as she’s by his side he will be the only remedy she will ever need. It takes a special type of person to live the life and there’s no class or training seminar a person can take that’ll acclimate them to the jungle: [LISTEN]

Hot Soup

Down in the dumps and about as low as he’s felt in a long time. He’s sickly and pale, and the only thing that can cure him is his lady’s golden touch. She’s as soothing as a bowl of hot soup, the remedy for his growing list of ailments. With her in his system he’s finally starting to feel better, but he’s going to need a few more doses before he’s ready to conquer the world again: [LISTEN]

Sip a Lil

Every time he gets drunk he thinks of his lady; her silhouette haunting him like a ghost. Without her in his life he’s a less than, a shadow of himself who can’t seem to get back on track. It’s been a harrowing time for him, and all the shiny trinkets aren’t bringing him joy anymore. He’s so bummed that he rings Gucci Mane who reassures his young friend that everything will be alright: [LISTEN]


He’s asking for a little faith, telling his queen that he’ll be her everything. He’s building himself up, reminding her that he will be her rock when she needs some stability. Reassuring her and smothering out any lingering doubt is the principal motivator, and all he’s asking for is a chance to prove himself. He’s on bended knee, overcome with emotion and sobbing uncontrollably: [LISTEN]

Ja Rule & Ashanti

Tyga pays homage to two mid-level pop stars. Ja Rule and Ashanti carved themselves out a niche, and together they helped birth one of the most overplayed trends of the ’90s; the street tough meets princess routine. Tyga has been the beneficiary, and has much to be thankful for. He’s adding his own touch by comparing his love to what Ja and Ashanti had, a cheeky effort with proper credit given: [LISTEN]

Holdin On

Living the life is his primary goal, and in order to do that he needs to be lit 24 hours a day. The ride is too short and he’s aware that it could end at any time, so he’s going at it full tilt, leaving nothing undone. Of course he’s going to court as many ladies as he can, and co-host 24hrs is there along for the ride, making sure that the party goes all night: [LISTEN]