From ex-lover tirades to primal basic needs, the Prince of Pop’s sequel to his initial 20/20 Experience not only seeks to “Take Back the Night,” but to do so in filthy funk and R&B fashion. With only one track clocking in under the 5:00 mark, Justin Timberlake walks a thin, self-indulgent line flexing his trademark falsettos in the name of some heavy ladies’ man sentiments – at one point the 32-year-old talent declares sex a contest, asserting his conquest will come first. Perhaps this bloated 11-song LP is a metaphor for that? Either way, so goes a lyric-by-lyric breakdown of another JT exercise in what he’s certifying, once more, as ’20/20′ sound and vision.

 ‘Gimme What I Don’t Know (I Want)

Not exactly the most encouraging of starts to his glorified collection of outtakes, Timberlake doesn’t appear to have improved his seduction techniques since the first 20/20 Experience judging by this clumsy metaphor-heavy attempt to display his primal instincts: [LISTEN]

"Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)"

True Blood

Referencing HBO’s steamy vampire drama, Timberlake willingly surrenders all control to a particular teeth-sinker on an eerie slice of jerky funk which ends with a flurry of skeletal strings and a maniacal Timbaland showcasing his best Vincent Price impression: [LISTEN]

"True Blood"


The only track to clock in under the 5:00 mark, guest star Drake‘s more minimalist approach thankfully appears to have rubbed off here. However, his effortlessly smooth ladies’ man routine only highlights the desperation of Timberlake’s pleas for his own private showgirl party: [LISTEN]



Once again failing to land the sucker punch we all expected from his comeback, Timberlake tries to understand why his girl continually has him against the ropes over seven long minutes of formulaic R&B beats, Timbaland‘s tiresome hype-man chants and yet more ill-advised beatboxing: [LISTEN]


Take Back the Night

Harking back to the Jacko-esque disco-funk of Justified, JT’s latest attempt to usher someone onto the dancefloor is a marked improvement on the majority of The 20/20 Experience, although its bloated 6:00 running time suggests his second 2013 album may be as self-indulgent as his first: [LISTEN]

"Take Back the Night"


Continuing their bromance, JT and Jay-Z‘s third collaboration this year finds the pair recounting their experiences with an innocent-faced assassin whose powers are so lethal that she could have broken up The Beatles on a flashy pastiche of Blaxploitation funk: [LISTEN]


Drink You Away

Accompanied by some gospel handclaps and Jack White-esque bluesy guitars, a sorrow-drowning Timberlake begs to be put out of his misery on discovering that his consumption of countless bottles of Jack Daniels has had little medicinal effect on his broken heart: [LISTEN]

"Drink You Away"

You Got it On

A syrupy sweet slow-jam which allows Timberlake to push his falsetto range to its limits, “You Got It On” also sees him turn catwalk critic with a string of compliments about his lover’s fashion sense in another entirely transparent attempt to charm her into bed: [LISTEN]

"You Got it On"


The gorgeous string-soaked outro is the only unforgettable part of this aptly-titled R&B waltz as Timberlake tries in vain to hold onto the memories of a distant stranger that he used to know rather intimately as they rapidly slip away with each passing day: [LISTEN]


Only When I Walk Away

Slowing down the monstrous riff from Lenny Kravitz‘ “Are You Gonna Go My Way,” a megaphoned Timberlake vents his fury at the ex who couldn’t see what she had ’til it went on a bitter ‘she loves me/she loves me not’ tale which unexpectedly throws a shout-out to his former boyband: [LISTEN]

"Only When I Walk Away"

Not a Bad Thing

Unafraid to show his clingy side, Timberlake reveals how he wants to spend every waking hour with his new love on a summery mid-tempo refreshingly free of any bells and whistles which then segues into a slightly corny serenade about flying away on the wings of love: [LISTEN]

"Not a Bad Thing"