Hollie Cook’s third studio album Vessel of Love is an example of how a person can be in love with love, meaning that any act of love no matter how big or small is taken to heart. For her it is a religion and she took it upon herself to capture it for all it is worth, the highs and lows. The key is that she doesn’t romanticize it; there are certainly moments of puppy dog love, but she’s not afraid to embrace the nitty gritty, the heartache that can come with it.

Vessel of Love is a lover’s paradise, but it lacks a proper backdrop. The beats and rhythms are stock, and do little to capture Cook’s ambitions. There are modern accents, which do bring it up to speed. But the overall sound lacks depth and energy, handcuffing the album with safe and at times monotonous sounds. Despite the diluted soundscape, Cook is dynamic enough to pick up the dead weight, creating an album that is relentless in its pursuit of love.

Angel Fire

A classic, bombastic reggae riddim sets a sweet angel of god on fire. She’s burning with desire and passion, and the only thing that’ll quench her thirst is love. Her and her man are living the simple life, in a giant tree house next to the sea, and the bliss she’s experiencing is like nothing she’s ever felt before. The key to paradise is commitment and without it none of this would be possible: [LISTEN]

Stay Alive

Not the Bee Gees cover you were hoping for, but rather a slow grooving original that captures the pain of desire. She’s trapped in a nightmare, and without the love of her life she’s feeling hopeless. The longing is torture and only his touch can liberate her from her anguish. Just when the light is about to flicker out she hears his voice and suddenly she can move again. Motivated to reunite: [LISTEN]


Dreamy tropical pop has her mind and body swimming in the clouds. She’s daydreaming, fantasizing over her love and his tender touch. The feeling is intoxicating and the longer that she can make it last the better. The love is so potent that she fears that without it she would go insane. It’s a catch-22 that she can’t help but indulge in, but it doesn’t matter. It’s worth every minute: [LISTEN]

Ghostly Fading

An introspective journey into the past, one that has her swimming through a reservoir of deep, unrequited emotions. She is a ghost in her own memories, and the feelings she’s unearthing is haunting her all over again like an endless karma loop. Heaven was once within her grasp, represented by a simple kiss. But it’s been savagely torn from her hands and the feeling is leaving her hollow and blue:


The beat hits a sweet mid-tempo groove, and the warm, loving feelings return like the tide. She’s basking in the sun and hoping that she can hold on to the feeling forever. Her love of love is sending her into a free fall, and she can’t help but smile from ear to ear. The beat is a standard, but a smattering of electronics bring it up to speed. A joyful, lighthearted ode to romance: [LISTEN]

Lunar Addiction

The dubbed out beat has her feeling otherworldly, a cosmic journey that embraces love in all its glory. It’s a vivid, complex expedition and she’s making sure to explore all the nooks and crannies. She’s entering deep space and the experience is becoming less about science and chemistry and more about spirituality. She has transcended and is seeing the true, healing power of love: [LISTEN]

Turn it Around

The love she once held so true is now bringing her pain and uncertainty. Before it was a source of warmth, but the fire has dwindled down to nothing leaving her out in the cold. Despite the sour feeling she’s still holding out, believing that there is still a chance to turn things around. All the romance and passion is giving her strength, but it’s uncertain how long she can keep it going:

Vessel of Love

Love is her religion, and it is bringing her closer to her true nature. She is a vessel and is open to all acts of kindness and compassion. The journey is just as important as the destination and she’s making sure to ask the right types of questions to ensure that she doesn’t overlook anything. The beat is another slow cooker, a groovy cocktail that captures her undying commitment:


Standing on her own she is strong, but when she is with her love she is invincible. The bond is what gives her superhuman strength and the hope is that they will stay together forever. The sweet musings serve as a prayer of sorts, and it reminds her that love will sustain her through everything. The beat incorporates a wild mix of organic and inorganic sounds, a cosmic soundscape full of wonder:

Far from Me

Whenever she is far from her love, a dark menacing feeling overtakes her. The leaves on her tree begin to fall and everything around her starts to decay. Commitment is of vital importance because without it there is no trust. She’s given over every ounce of herself, and while it makes love a blissful state it is risky in that without her lover’s warm touch she is left feeling cold and bitter: