For their latest album 7, Beach House decided that they were going to step away from over-production and let a more intuitive process take over. The result is a fluid effort that attempts to frame the majesty of the present moment, which is a bold move considering that they’ve been unfairly tagged as a group who lives in nostalgia. The risk was that it would read as flighty and unfocused, but years of crafting an identity has made it so that they never lost sight of what matters most. It’s a self-exploration that isn’t afraid to touch upon both large and small narratives.

The soundscape is about what you’d expect from Beach House, dream-like patterns and whimsical melodies underlined by celestial vocals. The percussion while not exactly thunderous does bind it all together into a cohesive experience. The moves are subtle but this deep into their careers there’s no need to make drastic changes to what is already a battle-tested formula. The strides made are small, but still powerful in that it shows how even after all these years they’re still looking to challenge themselves in unorthodox ways.

Dark Spring

The snow melts under a warm bed of synth, and much like Spring the emotions bandy back and forth between pleasant and mild to stormy and depressing. Change is in the air, and the dream-like sequence being painted lends itself to destruction. The chaos however is a welcome change of pace as it ushers in a new era of emotional understanding. It’s a breakthrough, but one that came at a hefty cost: [LISTEN]

Pay No Mind

Reality sets in and yesterday’s heartache is leaving them feeling blue. No longer are they letting the lofty expectations of love take them away from personal liberation because the truth is they know how hard and decidedly unromantic commitment can be; something they don’t take lightly. Still they stay true to their style and their transcendent, light bulb moment illuminates with a daydream glow: [LISTEN]

Lemon Glow

Their partner’s presence is putting them in a blissful state, drunk on love and desire. It’s a warm blanket that envelops them both, and with passion as the motivating force they are indulging in one another looking to make it last forever. The pulse is steady and urgent, which creates an atmosphere where neither have time to overthink anything. They’re letting go and living in the moment: [LISTEN]


The violins add a silky dose of sophistication, which frames the narrative in appropriate garb. It’s a whimsical tale of empowerment, and the encouraging words promote unity and support. She’s extending her hand to an unknown and in the process speaking to a legion of people who feel that they are alone. The comradery is real and the genuine benevolence creates a strong sense of community: [LISTEN]

Drunk in LA

A Marcos Valle-like effort that has them walking around town drunk wondering about any and everything. It’s an impressionistic style of writing that looks to capture moods and sensations versus detailed narratives. The imagination is running wild with ideas, and yet the core is still firmly intact. Love and passion are driving forces, and they refrain from editing away the things they hold dear: [LISTEN]


Delving deep into their creative process and illustrating the magnificent colors they’re seeing along the way. It’s a process that is both informative and liberating, and they’re trying to capture each moment without over explaining. It’s the feeling they are looking to frame, and the belief is that inspiration should come easy. If you have to force it then you’ve already lost: [LISTEN]

Black Car

A slow building beat creates a dark and suspenseful tone, one that saturates the narrative with tension and uncertainty. The dialogue sounds as if it’s taking place in the mind, a cerebral conversation that has her digging deep in her memory bank. The past can be as real as the present moment, and to come to terms with what has transpired she’s allowing her memories to have its own stage: [LISTEN]

Lose Your Smile

Emotions are swirling together like a musical lava lamp, but instead of resisting it they’re letting nature take its course. The roller coaster paints an authentic portrait of how fickle the mind can be, and to reconcile it into one is an undertaking that can take a lifetime. There’s no pressure involved, just a simple go with the flow approach that has them appreciating the ride: [LISTEN]


The exuberance reaches its height. She wants it all and is allowing herself the room to dream and imagine. The beat is joyous and full of life, which is a reflection of the type of breakthrough they’re experiencing. It’s an effort that encourages growth and experimentation, to never second guess yourself and proceed with self-confidence. A magnanimous effort that plucks at the heartstrings: [LISTEN]

Girl of the Year

The world of glamour and celebrity comes crashing down. On the surface it’s a carnival ride full of excitement and energy, but when the heart gets low and real life seeps in it can be an annoying distraction. The exhilarating highs and the depressing lows, can be too big a contrast for the average person to handle. It can leave them feeling empty and distant, a hefty price to pay for stardom: [LISTEN]

Last Ride

The journey of self-discovery is never ending, and they’re imploring those around them to continue searching. It’s an odyssey that can have a person traveling to every corner of the world or staying put in the same spot for their entire life. There are no rules or parameters and each exploration is different in its own unique way. A promotion of acceptance and self-worth: [LISTEN]