After an eight-year hiatus, the always bombastic Andrew W.K. has returned with yet another high octane project, one that aims for the highest of plateaus. The lyrical foundation is the party lifestyle (which is par for the course), but what balances it out is an unwavering sense of optimism. His ability to balance the two ideals makes You’re Not Alone a unique experience like listening to a motivational speech on a party bus.

Sonically, Andrew W.K. doesn’t veer too from his wheelhouse. There are very few moments where he dips below 100, and when he does he drops the beat altogether and delivers a formal monologue. As a whole it’s a ride that sees very few lows, and yet it’s not so blindly optimistic that it loses perspective. There is quite a bit of self-examination going on, and Andrew W.K. is ensuring his fans that he too has walked through the fire. It offers a level of credibility that is endearing and easy to follow, and places Andrew W.K. in a category all unto himself.

The Power of Partying

The drum line percussion clears the way for take off. As the orchestrations build to a slow crescendo, Andrew W.K. unleashes his simple mantra over the world. It’s all about the party, and he wants his loyal fans to follow him into the raging fire that he’s built. It’s seething with raw energy, and the time to get on board is now. No time to wait, a party animal’s call into the untamed wild: [LISTEN]

Music is Worth Living For

Inspired by the power of music, Andrew W.K. thrashes his way to the promised land. Everything he’s proud of has come through his music, and he’s professing his undying thanks to its saving power. It’s a love song of sorts, and offers up hope for those who have nowhere else to turn. Music will always be there, providing perspective in a time of uncertainty. A timeless ode full of heart: [LISTEN]

Ever Again

Inspiring words of wisdom forged in the recesses of a scarred heart. It’s been a roller coaster, full of such lows that he almost didn’t make it out alive. He wants to assure those in the same position that if the desire to change is there, you can do it. He’s living proof that it’s possible to turn your life around, and his band mates are at his back encouraging him every step of the way: [LISTEN]

I Don’t Know Anything

A wealth of knowledge is a Google search away, and as a result there are a legion of hyperknowers out there who have an answer and opinion for everything. To push back against the tide, Andrew W.K. announces at the top of his lungs that he doesn’t know a damn thing and he’s okay with that. And in a way that’s what makes him so knowledgeable, his willingness to embrace the beautiful unknown: [LISTEN]

The Feeling of Being Alive

Not so much a song as it is a motivational speech. The lack of any musical engagement is a detour, but one that clearly states his intent. He’s charging as many batteries as he can with his message of positivity, and the encouragement is heartwarming in its own endearing way. A thoughtful intermission to check in on the mental well being of his fans: [LISTEN]

 ‘Party Mindset

After a lifetime’s worth of pain he’s finally broken through. The newfound perspective has him realizing that life is too short to waste on misery. What’s intriguing is the usage of the word “kill,” which implies that his fight for liberation was not an easy one. He had to go down a dark path, and face his most challenging demons. And now that he’s made it, he can’t imagine life any other way: [LISTEN]

The Party Never Dies

Andrew W.K. opens his book of fables to tell the story of a prophesy fulfilled. A child was born into a world of light and dark, and despite all odds it went on to become royalty. It was able to rise above good and evil, and see the world for what it really is. The way it was able to transcend inspired Andrew W.K. to pursue more poignant efforts as well; his heart filled with the holy spirit: [LISTEN]

Give Up On You

Andrew W.K. opens his arms wide, ready to embrace the maligned and heartbroken. He’s assuring them that there is nothing to fear, that they are not alone in the fight. More importantly he’s letting them know that he’s been there before too; downtrodden with no one to turn to. The thought of someone without hope has inspired him, and he’s forging on to spread his message of peace and love: [LISTEN]

Keep On Going

When life knocks you down, Andrew W.K. is telling you to get back up and find a way. It’s not how many times you lose, but how many times you try and the integrity you have while doing it. He’s pumped, motivated to deliver his message to the world. If everyone followed the same mantra, he’s convinced that we’d be in a better place. A firm stand against self-loathing and apathy: [LISTEN]

 ‘In Your Darkest Moments

Andrew W.K. explains in plain-speaking English how to get through your darkest moments. He’s asking for a broader view, to look at the situation in context; examining the other difficulties you’ve been through before and how this one can be conquered too. It’s yet another interlude that allows him to check in not only with his audience’s state of mind, but his own as well: [LISTEN]

The Devil’s On Your Side

Andrew W.K.’s reminding the would-be dreamers out there that no matter where they go, the devil will always be there to bring them down. Every triumph will be filled with doubt, and every failure will be like salt in a wound. The strength of the devil is potent, and it’s buried countless souls with its influence. As he’s prone to do, Andrew plays the hero, warning those to always be on guard: [LISTEN]

Break the Curse

A moment of silence has him contemplating the curse that has been placed on humankind. He doesn’t specify, but one could assume it’s the curse of sin; that each individual will be burdened with adversity until they see the light. Andrew W.K. includes himself in that equation, and is hoping that his self-realization will help liberate others who find themselves in the same predicament: [LISTEN]

Total Freedom

The mood lightens, and Andrew W.K. offers up his vision of the perfect world. In his Shangri-La he sees no need for money or accolades, which get way more attention than the things that really matter like compassion and virtue. Needless criticisms and trends are things of the past, and the love people share for one another is the foundation of society. In other words total, uninhibited freedom: [LISTEN]

Confusion and Clarity

Round 3 of his motivational speeches has Andrew W.K. discussing clarity. He’s assuring his flock that peace of mind is the way to liberation, and you achieve that by having a sound perspective. Andrew is explaining in detail that you have to know what it is that brings you joy, and how to utilize that energy when the world appears to be collapsing around you. Wise words from a sage: [LISTEN]

 ‘You’re Not Alone

Life is a series of trials and tribulations, and Andrew W.K. is helping those who are down on their luck understand that they are not alone. All they have to do is reach out with faith and love, and someone will be there to blanket them in kindness and understanding. Once the feeling settles in, the desire to achieve ones goals becomes insatiable. A message that applies to all walks of life: [LISTEN]