Rapper Dominic McClain stars in a parody video of Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’; Photo: Richie Clay/YouTube

NBA superstar LeBron James is having a historical post season. It’s been widely noted how he rehabs and maintains his body, but in his 15th year in the League it’s hard for fans to wrap their mind around how he’s only gotten better over the years — just ask the Toronto Raptors.

James has been a dinosaur killer with fans now calling Toronto, LeBronto. The numbers don’t lie, and as a testament to his sheer dominance videographer Richie Clay and rapper Dominic McClain paid tribute to the King with a parody of Drake‘s “God’s Plan” aptly titled “Bron’s Plan.”

McClain nails Drake’s cadence as he raps:

I’ve been sittin’ court side got my brothers with me
Tryin’ not coach it is a struggle for me
Now he pullin’ up oh now he strokin’ the three
Another fadeaway and I might give up my seat

What McClain is referencing is game two when LeBron hit a ridiculous array of shots including NBA Jam-type fadeaways.

McClain continues:

I don’t want to lose another game Dog
Seein’ Kendrick Perkins gettin’ stressful for me
Why can’t we just have LeBron James dog?
He scored another 40 like he makin’ my beats

The Kendrick Perkins reference is in regards to a spat between Drake (who is the ambassador for the Raptors) and veteran Kendrick Perkins who the Cavs signed late in the season. The exchange drew headlines and Drake was reprimanded, and fans were left with a feeling of déjà vu à la Spike and Reggie.

McClain goes on and praises James for his age-defying performances this post season. There’s no guarantee that James will make it to the finals because of a scrappy and well-coached Boston team waiting in the cut, but his performance thus far has been nothing short of extraordinarily.

As far as the Raptors go, it’s time to blow the whole thing up. Bron’s plan.