Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 2.06.16 PMRaekwon the Chef‘s first record since 2011’s Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang, what he’s calling the Lost Jewlry EP (January 17) finds the mafioso rap pioneer revealing figurative “gold” that he’d “stashed,” or so the 42-year-old icon disseminated via EME’s listening party earlier this week in Brooklyn. Get it – gold + jewelry? Why he chose to stylize the word without its post-‘w’ ‘e’ is still a mystery. What’s not though is his love for the rhyme: “I feel like hip-hop, we supposed to do this shit. With money. Without money. Rhymes, you just gotta rhyme,” expounding at the event, “If you a emcee it’s important that you do that. So I want to make sure I give niggas a decent amount of shit to have.” Regular old socialist, this Mr. Corey Woods.

And born-again educator – an interviewer derailed Raekwon further from the meat of the EP with a query about his knowledge of just how much the youth respect him, to which he explained over a good two minutes that it’s his “job as a big brother to school,” in order to “make you a better man.” Paired with a quick tease of what the EP leads up to, a full LP dubbed F.I.L.A. (Fly International Luxurious Art) and thirty seconds of an actual track, the few rhymes we could discern actually do validate all this educational posturing. So get ready to open up those minds, youngins’:

18, wild and no dream

That’s sloppy shit

He need a real nigga to tell him that’s jalopy shit