One-step forward, two steps back, so it goes and forever ridiculously will be, as homophobic reports roll in from Boise, Idaho, and Texas where callers have pressured, and succeeded, in removing country pop powerhouse Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” from the airwaves, citing its lyrics promotion of the “gay agenda:”

I want to taste her lips
Yeah ‘cause they taste like you
I want her magic touch
Yeah ‘cause maybe then you’d want me just as much
I got a girl crush

Where to even start? You know this can of fake plastic worms. Jill Sobule tore down the pop wall in 1995 with “I Kissed a Girl.” Katy Perry ripped off Sobule in 2008 with the same wink. The only difference between this and the fascism happening in Indiana and Arkansas right now is that the ignorant fools that are calling up these radio stations don’t need Big God Government to validate their discrimination, they can simply use the age old culture of fear.

And the most ridiculous part of this, aside from the fact that listeners have the option to change the damn channel, the song is completely tongue-in-cheek, and actually written from the perspective of a jealous woman attempting to get closer her ex-lover, a man. Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild on turn-of-phrase via iHeartRadio:

“The lyric of ‘Girl Crush’ is written in kind of a sexy way, so some people might turn it off when they get to the ‘I want to taste your lips’ and all that. But once they get to the hook they go ‘Oh.’ It turns and it’s about a girl saying, ‘Why do you love her and not me?’ And that’s what makes it. You’ve got to lean in a little bit, but the fans are really loving this one.”

Of course, Little Big Town are fooling no one either, with their decision to record the song, written for them by a trio of elite country writers called the Love Junkies — Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Linsey — Fairchild telling Rolling Stone back in December that the song “could be a game changer on country radio right now.” Everybody loves free press. And the song is performing just as well as they would hope, ranking No.4 on iTunes right now and No. 33 on the radio.

In fact, surprise surprise, all of this may be even fabricated, Billboard calling out the Texas radio director guest post, who’s byline was originally anonymous, for a blog called For the Country Record, that started this all, as spun. For the Country Record has since responded with the director’s name and radio station and assertion that the story is the real, organically bigoted deal.

Go get ‘em ‘Murricans.