2011 was a solid year for pop music. With charts more digitally dependent than ever before, the system moved so rapidly that more songs got airtime because the turnover was so quick. And with the evolving technology through services like iTunes, Spotify and YouTube along with heavy promotion via internet, there’ll be no better way to celebrate the songs than with animated .gifs to accompany them. Plus, we can pretty much guarantee that the songs were so huge, you’ll know the name of the song before you read its title. So reminisce and hum along as you read.


A metaphor for GaGa’s grandfather reaching the peak of his life before death, and the word “edge” thirty-seven times.


A reminiscent story of deep love turned wrong followed by pumping dance beats. It was gripping.


Kelly sassed off to her man who thought that he knew her more than she did. Turns out he was wrong.


It shocked you, made you cry, then made you feel okay again, all in four minutes and forty-seven seconds.


Did you learn the party rock shuffle dance? If you didn’t, you missed out.


Fire from Maroon 5, sass from Christina and a reference to the Rolling Stones. Moo-ooo-ooves like Jagger.


Repeat-peat-peat-peat-peat. Just like we did with this song, because we loved it so much.


Float and soar to these lyrics. Rihanna and Nicki were a lovely pairing.


Seeing is deceiving, dreaming is believing.


According to this song, his love to her was like being re-birthed in a barn with tentacles and teal hair. Or something like that.


Yellow. Model. Chick. Yellow. Bottle. Sippin’.


Emotionally gripping and empowering. Demi slayed us this year.


On my waist, through my hair. Dev’s debut this year was distinctive and suggestive.


Mixing folk and pop is always exciting. We shook it out to this! Look at how much fun she’s having!


Britney made stuttering sound sexy.


Her heartbeat was like a symphony to him. The cute story was convincing, and so was the appearance by Adam Levine.


Twenty-eleven’s most popular lyrics. It was well deserved, given the way she rocked us like she rocked the glasses of water in the music video.


The greatest female rap song of all time. Also 2011’s most popular New Years resolution: learn all the words to this song.


Looking forward to the weekend, weekend … and the rest of her fifteen minutes of fame.
We’re sorry about that last one. No year-end pop culture list would be complete without it though, right?