Lt. Tim Cotton of Bangor, Maine aside the ‘Duck of Justice’; Photo: Bangor Maine Police Department via

Winter snowstorm Grayson has pounded the East Coast, causing record flooding, ice storms and snow from Maine all the way down to parts of Northern Florida. It’s wreaked havoc on tens of thousands, but luckily the Bangor Police Department is there to provide not only a few tips on how to brave the storm but for some comic relief too.

Lt. Tim Cotton of Bangor, Maine has offered up some “bomb cyclone” advice by rewriting the lyrics to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” Lt. Cotton recently shared his version on Facebook, and it reads:

His name is Grayson, he is a snowstorm
With white powder everywhere, and drifts right up to there
It will slow traffic, and do a number
And while he tries to slow your car, you’ll do better at the bar
Across the crowded street, we can expect two feet!
We are old but we have our shovels, who could ask for more?

Cotton also takes time to give a shout out to local meteorologist Todd Simcox:

His name’s Todd Simcox, he does the weather
He stands and points out in the air, never sits or takes a chair
When he finished, he said Bomb-Cyclone
Simcox went a bit too far and said, ‘don’t walk or drive your car’

According to Grayson, “is the first winter storm warning issued by the National Weather Service office in Tallahassee, Florida, in almost four years.”

Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” may not be the first song that comes to mind when an apocalyptic snow storm is descending upon you, but maybe that’s the point. Lt. Cotton’s humor is a refreshing reminder that things will be alright so long as you don’t panic.

“You will be fine,” Cotton wrote on the Police Department’s Facebook page. “We drink lots of coffee and complain when we get hit like this storm. It works ok. It makes us grouchy but that’s why you come here in the summer. To hear stories from grumpy Mainers who sell lobster traps. Now, you will have some of your own to share with us when you get back.’’

This is not the first time Cotton has dabbled in Facebook humor, if you were wondering. He’s become somewhat of a Maine celebrity with posts ranging from retelling of emergency calls to an ongoing photo series with his department mascot, the “Duck of Justice.”

Listen to the original version of Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana” below.