Do you love pop? Great, as does SongLyrics!

Lucky for us, the world wide web is a sprawling, pixelated mass of juicy pop music coverage. But with so much to choose from, just what online domains should you be clicking your way on to?

Well, allow us to divulge! From one-man lux blogs to worldwide jumbo websites, check out SongLyrics’ favorite places on the net for poptastic content, below!

Arjan Writes

Arjan WritesArjan Writes is the home of respected music scribe, Arjan Timmerman (as well as penning posts for Arjan Writes, Timmerman is the official blogger for GRAMMY). Since its launch back in 2002, the blog has transformed into a bustling hub of pop music aficionados, all of whom value Timmerman’s intellectual approach to a genre too often treated as twee and throwaway.

As well as a strong focus on the superstar end of the pop spectrum, Arjan also prides his blog on its championing of alternative, left-wing listens. A pioneering and passionate digital platform for exciting and innovative pop music, you can count on Arjan Writes to spearhead sounds long before MTV get a whiff (the blog helped break both Lady GaGa and Mika).

Idolator is all about covering the ‘popular’ in pop music. Energetic and fun, surf your way over to Idolator if you want non-stop coverage of your favorite pop superstars latest moves and grooves!

From breaking news to exclusive interviews, the latest pop pics to the hottest viral videos hitting the net, Idolator’s content is exploding full of FM buzz. It has fans in big places, too, with the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz all having hollered about this ultimate pop HQ!



SwedespleaseSweden has long been an epicentre for pop music, ever since ABBA emerged from the depths of 70s Stockholm in a fireball of glitter and knee high boots. Nowadays, the country is responsible for an endless amount of 21st century pop delights, including Peter, Bjorn & John, Jens Lekman and more recently, the synth-marvels of Icona Pop. This is precisely why SongLyrics is smitten with Swedesplease, a blog wholly dedicated to covering music produced by this pop utopia.

Posting daily Scandinavian alt-pop treasures (though expect occasional diversions into hXc), as well as a monthly ‘Music Alliance Pact‘—an ingenius feature which takes musos on a trip around all corners of the globe—Swedesplease is a must-bookmark for all pop enthusiasts.


PopjusticePeter Robinson founded Popjustice back in 2000, after he rightfully decided that you shouldn’t have to “leave pop behind when you finish puberty.” Since its millennial launch, this UK-based website has flowered into a somewhat internet-legend, championing the cream of pop music via its deliciously witty, Britcentric banter.

Popjustice has managed to survive the difficult past decade, despite Robinson claiming “mainstream pop is dead.” Such survival-skills can be put down to Robinson’s eternally light-hearted take on the erratic pop world. From hilariously awkward A-star interviews (hi, Nick Carter), to side-splitting ‘Daily Pop Briefings‘, Popjustice is one of the most entertaining joints on the web for pop coverage.

Perez Hilton

Perez HiltonWhile Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, aka Perez Hilton, may have succeeded in becoming as much of a celebrity as the superstars he writes on ( have voted Hilton the biggest ‘web celebrity’ three years running), his blog (which is worth an apparent $20 million) is still fantastically fanboy.

Though a lot of Perez’ content is dedicated to general celebrity culture—TV and film among—a huge slice of Hilton’s website covers pop music and the stars who make it. And while this music coverage can be full of unnecessary fluff (unless reading about J Lo getting her bikini waxed is your kind of thing), Hilton can pro it up went he wants to.

The eccentric blogger is often found to be premiering fresh new tracks, breaking major music news and raving about the hottest upcoming artists. Perez was an early champion of Lady GaGa and Katy Perry—in fact, Warner Brothers Records were so impressed with Hilton’s taste-making muscles, they once offered him a job.