UK’s gleaming synth-pop pioneers, the Pet Shop Boys are pulling a Daft Punk with a four-on-the-floor assault of a landmark 12th record they’re calling straight and arrow, Electric. Also like Daft Punk, they’re streaming the party for free a week before it drops on July 16. Which is a mighty fine thing, considering they actually paid attention to the words flowing from their pen this time, ditching the two-bit philosophies on love – “And if our love is dead/It won’t be dead for long” – in Elysium for some more memorable sing-songs, i.e., disco-sparkling “Love is a Bourgeois Construct,” weaving Karl Marx and Tony Benn references in between cathartic dénouements:

I’ve given up the bourgeoisie

Until you come back to me

It is not an easy task dropping such literary pushes on the dance floor, without impeding on the meditative emotional awe of shadows breaking into the light. So goes our excitement for Electric. Brush up on the tuneage before we get to review it proper on the 16th: