Baltimore mega-church preacher Jamal H. Bryant of the Empowerment Temple came under fire last weekend for taking a page from the Gospel According to Breezy, busting a lyric from “Loyal” really out of nowhere. Which certainly wouldn’t cause such a ruckus if not for the internet, but nevertheless – Bryant’s controversial quip in the midst of a sermon called “I’m My Enemies’ Worst Nightmare:” 

“Every sister just elbowed another sister, ‘he should’ve listened!’ Every brother, would you tap another brother and say, “I should’ve listened to her.” God help me! Old saints, y’all forgive me but I gotta tell ya, these hoes ain’t loyal! You gotta find somebody!”

To Bryant’s credit, he did precede the usurped lyric “these hoes ain’t loyal” with a plea of forgiveness to the higher ups. And he also has responded on Twitter with an explanation, urging the public to listen to the entire sermon. Which is fair. But the real issue here, regardless of your religious affiliation, is that quoting a lame, misogynistic – and bigoted – Chris Brown lyric about the rapper’s twisted version of loyalty, as a means to underscore a positive message preached to thousands of people is absurd. But hey, judge for yourself: