ODB Biopic:

Fallen Wu-Tang core member, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a.k.a. Russel Tyrone Jones, is getting the biopic treatment by the production team behind the Academy Award-winning film Beginners, Lars Knudsen and Jay Van Hoy, casting Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire) as the veritable ODB. Dubbed Dirty White Boy, the film “chronicles the rise of a a 22-year-old VH1-intern-turned-manager, and his misadventures with the legendary rapper leading up to the performer’s tragic death in 2004,” according to Deadline.

Undiscovered Mozart:

A wee Wolfie ditty circa the classical composer’s 11-year-old oeuvre, apparently never seen nor heard before, since its discovery last year in an attic in Austria, was played for the first time today, reports the Associated Press, by contemporary pianist Florian Birsak on the late composer’s piano in Salzburg. Marked “allegro molto,” or “very quick,” the 84-bar passage was pulled from a book dated in 1780, and according to the sponsors of the event, the Mozarteum Salzburg Foundation, exhibits “a series of components that are found repeatedly in other Mozart piano works.” In other words, it probably jams.

Coroner’s Report:

The sad tale of Whitney Houston saw another revealing last night, as the Los Angeles County coroner listed the late-pop singer’s cause-of-death as the result of drowning, with cocaine and heart disease playing roles. Also in her system at the time of death: marijuana, Xanax, Flexeril and Benadryl. Houston was 48-years-young (via the New York Times).

RSD In The UK:

The fifth year of the highly successful dusty finger give-back to the record industry, Record Store Day, in which artists ’round the world press limited and one-off tunes for exclusive distribution to your local independent record stores is quickly approaching, come April 21. Though in America we’re still working off of label press releases and unofficial internet combings, UK peeps, your official list has come. So go on and get to digital bin diving before the cue begins. And tell us what you’re most exciting about scoring?

Update: The RSD USA list just dropped, as well. So Amurricans, weigh in, too.


Still the reigning goal champ at a count of 894, hockey stud Wayne Gretzky broke the record previously set by Gordie Howe at the 802 mark on this day back in 1994 while on the Los Angeles Kings. A.k.a “The Great One,” Gretzky fever was at its peak in the mid-90s, contributing to all sorts of pop-culture ephemera, including this creep-comedy ode by one of those fandangled ska bands all the kids were into back then, Goldfinger. For Wayne, though, they took an intimate unplugged folkie approach, aptly titled “Wayne Gretzky:”

Oh I wonder what it would be like
To have sex with The Great One