Odell Beckham Jr.’s Instagram post taking jabs at Tom Brady via Lil Wayne lyrics; Photo: Odell Beckham Jr./Instagram

Super Bowl LII has come and gone, and players are still reeling over what was arguably the greatest Super Bowl in the history of the franchise.

Always active and outspoken, Odell Beckham Jr. recently posted a picture of him on Instagram where he’s rearing back to throw a pass, included as a caption is a verse from Lil Wayne‘s “That’s All I Have.” It reads, “Quarterback Weezy, young Tom Brady, open up ya mouth….”

Some took the post as a possible shot at Tom Brady, who dropped a pass during a failed trick play. The miscue was a pivotal moment in the game, and was indicative of the Patriots’ anemic offense. Brady of course took the post in stride, and finished the verse, commenting with, “And catch a bomb baby…

Last season Beckham called out the hypocrisy of the league for not coming down on Brady the same way they did him when he was caught on camera delivering a sideline tirade, which is true. Beckham was labeled a distraction while Brady was looked at as a passionate leader. Brady didn’t take the comment personal and Beckham did acknowledge Brady as the greatest of all time.

The two superstars share a mutual respect for one another, and have commented many times on the others’ abilities and leadership on the field. When the whistle blows they are both savage competitors, but it’s good to see that off the field they have a decent sense of humor.