Collaboration Station:

Kaboosing the never-ending Flaming Lips‘ collaboration train this week, along with Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Cave and Ghostland Observatory is Mr. Year-End list-topper, Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon, Wayne Coyne feeding Rolling Stone the news that the Wisconsin native is sending him a couple tracks “any day now.” Rumors are this party train will be pushing for a 2012 Record Store Day release, adding previous collabs with Neon Indian and Yoko Ono to the mix and hopefuls Ke$ha and Erykah Badu. Quality over quantity, though, as we take a moment to remember the Lips take on Dark Side of the Moon

The Dead Covers Project:

Remaining members of the grandaddies of jam, the Grateful Dead, have put a call out to all performing Dead Heads to submit videos of “a song either written by or recorded by the Dead,” to potentially be cherry-picked each new day in February and featured on the band’s official YouTube channel. For the love of the thirteen-album-strong catalogue of the iconic band, we’re hoping to see some deep cuts. Also, any takers on a Flaming Lips one-off submission? Also, five of the most popular vids in February will make it to “all of the Dead’s online properties and in the 2012 edition of the Grateful Dead Almanac.”


Back on Monday night at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the new owners of Rupert Murdoch‘s failed Myspace appropriation, Specific Media, announced Justin Timberlake as part-owner of the company and a “creative force” behind the hopeful new management. Speaking briefly at CES, Timberlake said “The future of Myspace is about what you’re going to do. About who you’re going to become,” before unveiling the cornerstone of the overhaul, Myspace TV, a feature aiming to “put viewers in control by allowing them to discover, share and comment on the programs they’re viewing” in real-time. What Justin Timberlake knows about new media? The world and the company’s library of 42 million songs and over 100,000 music videos will soon find out.


These are the lyrics to Dolly Parton‘s flow via Queen Latifah‘s beatboxing on yesterday’s “Today” show broadcast (Jan. 12). They are mildly entertaining. Host Ann Curry thought so, too, in awe at the “intersection” between “hip-hop” – pointing a finger at Queen Latifah – and “country” – pointing a finger at Queen Latifah, respectively: Latifah/She is the queen of hip-hop and rap and the movie screen/She is the queen of her own ‘hood/By I am the queen of Dollywood. The two intersecting artists were promoting an upcoming movie musical Joyful Noise. Also, Dolly had some practice.


“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash” said “the philosopher-prince of American country music” to a room full of inmates at Folsom Prison on this day in 1968, before back-up collective the Tennessee Three plucked out those twangy first notes of “Folsom Prison Blues” and Cash chug-a-lugged on forward with the rhythm all leading up to one of the greatest lines in rock – “I shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die.” R.I.P. Cash.