Howlin’ Tom:

As earlier reported, the odd-genius collaboration featuring Jack White and Tom Jones has appeared via BBC 6 Radio (via Consequence of Sound). The b-side, at least – growling blues icon Howlin’ Wolf‘s “Evil.” And it’s indeed “impressing the shit” out of us, Jack. And Tom. Dude channels Howlin’ Wolf better than Morrison did, and countless other bar-room bluesmen at least. And not in a cheeky, William Shatner kind of way. Keep on keepin’ on with these Third Man Records Blues Series, Mr. White.


Obama’s Mix-Tape:

Though we’d love to imagine the President hunched over a laptop with a set of over-the-ear headphones creating the perfect Spotify playlist in which to “campaign,” odds are this was a less tangible decision on his behalf. Nevertheless, it has his name on it, he reps plenty of hometown Chicago acts – Wilco, Jennifer Hudson, The Impressions – and did a fine job diversity-wise, from indie darlings Arcade Fire to James Taylor (via the Washington Post). 24-tunes in all, including Al Green, naturally, per his sung adoration a few weeks back. Question: Did he get consent to plug these artists on a Spotify “campaign playlist,” or does the streaming service skirt copyright issues that politicians are running into these days?

Free Earl: 

Estranged Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt made a return to the public yesterday flexing the power of the tweet. Teasing a clip from a new track dubbed “Home,” fellow OFWGKTA member Tyler tweeted “Oh. Thebe Has…I Mean Earl Has A Twitter. @earxsweat.” While Earl’s new tweet deck featured a YouTube snippet of said track, with Earl decrying, “If you want the whole thing, get me 50,000 by today!” That’d be followers. Which happened in roughly three hours, Billboard reports, Earl making due with his promise with a link to his new site,, plugging the full version of “Home.”


N—-s In Paris:

Current kings of hip-hop Jay-Z & Kanye West dropped a video for their favorite tune to play during the Watch The Throne tour – 613.2 minutes of repeat plays, to be exact – “N—-s In Paris.” Filmed at the L.A. juncture in the 2011 tour, kaleidoscopic fist-pumping arena footage awaits your eyes. Maybe watch it a few times to replicate the real deal. Especially to catch the “provocative” Will Farrell cameo (via MTV News).


Following the mob at JFK Airport in New York, a record 73 million viewers tuned into The Ed Sullivan Show on this day in 1964 to catch a glimpse of “these youngsters from Liverpool who call themselves the Beatles,” according to Ed, while the Fab Four launched into their first number “All My Loving.” The faces of some of America’s select ladies that were in attendance are brilliant, paul bobbing his head crooning, “Remember I’ll always be true.”