Newt Suit:

In tired usurping fashion, another political candidate illegitimately used a cheeky pop tune to soundtrack his campaign. The new usurper being Republic Newt Gingrich and his use of ’80s power-rock crew Survivor via “Eye of the Tiger,” Yes, the Rocky III standard. Chief songwriter Frankie Sullivan filed the lawsuit in a federal court in Illinois under the power of his publishing company Rude Music Inc., reports TMZ. Why politicians continue to do this is befuddling. There has to be some way to allocate the bounties of private, public or their own funding to emphasize agendas like so. And if not, at least make like Florida governor Charlie Crist and paint your sinking ship a tasteful color.

LDR One-Liners:

2012’s most-contentious internet figure thus far, Lana Del Rey, officially dropped her debut record, Born To Die, on Monday. While a leak a few days prior saw critical opportunists weigh in, the official critic stance is slowly rolling out. Some of our favorite one-liners are as follows:

Rob Sheffield via Rolling Stone: “Her voice is pinched and prim, and her song doctors need to go the fuck back to med school.”

Lindsay Zoladz via Pitchfork: “For all of its coos about love and devotion, it’s the album equivalent of a faked orgasm – a collection of torch songs with no fire.

Simon Price via The Independent UK: “Elizabeth Grant is essentially an actress, and Del Rey is a character she’s created. Which is exactly where complaints about her inauthenticity flounder: inauthenticity is the point.


Madonna revealed the technicolor artwork for her forthcoming “triple entendre” 12th studio album MDNA (March 12; Interscope) this morning on her website. Meanwhile, you can scope some footage of studio sessions with M.I.A., of which the 53-year-old collaborated with for single “Give Me All Your Luvin‘” that’s unofficially floating around the internets, due to some Spaniard super fan who leaked it earlier this year. Also, she assured Jay Leno on Monday night that there would be “no nipples” a la Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” circa Super Bowl 2004, upon her own half time spectacular this Sunday.

Rolling In The Academy:

Adele took to Twitter to leak the fact that she’ll be singing at the Grammys, tweeting “Ima be, Ima be singing at the Grammys. It’s been so long I started to forget I was a singer! I can’t wait, speak soon xx.” The February 12 performance will be the first time the pop juggernaut has performed publicly since receiving vocal chord surgery during a U.S. tour in October of 2011. Grammy-wise, she’s nominated for six awards, song of the year and album of the year among them.


In 1990 the Soviet Union saw its first McDonald’s in Moscow on this day, quickly filling with Russian citizens paying their fair communism share for a Big Mac, and maybe a shake to wash it down. Capitalism arrived and the SU would fall shortly thereafter. Some would say the raising of the golden arches were a harbinger of change. Maybe so. But let’s get objective here and pull out some sage facts from the late-great Wesley Willis‘ “Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s:” “McDonald’s will make you fat/They serve Big Macs/They serve quarter-pounders/They will put pounds on you.”