Hey Jane:

The triumphant double-pnuemonia comeback rock tale of Spiritualized‘s J Spaceman continues with the first audio offering of the English artist’s 7th studio effort, Sweet Heart Sweet Light. A nine-minute pop-cophoney dubbed “Hey Jane,” Spaceman and Spiritualized debuted the song and related record in full at the Royal Albert Hall back in October of 2011, subsequently distributing press copies of the songs worldwide. But here’s the trick: it was fake. Or rather, not the final cut. Something of which Spaceman was adamant about distinguishing come the official drop on April 16 via Double Six Records. But this is the real deal, in all its Blur-jangle swagger, complete with a mid-song about-face melody change, and quizzical album cover.

Keeping It Peel:

The late-great English radio personality John Peel who championed niche artists out of the underground and into the waves of his BBC show, the Peel Sessions, amassed a record collection of over 25,000 pieces of wax over his career, all of which thanks to the UK’s Arts Council will be digitized and available to the public via a virtual recreation of his studio, reports the BBC. Dubbed “The Space,” expect scanned albums to roll out in the 100s a week at a time, some of those streamable, depending on copyright laws in place.

Drunk Text:

The following is an opening lyric from a song credited to a woman named Paris Hilton: “I went out to the club the other night to, ya know, dance with my bitches.” Other names associated with this woman are Colorado-based DJ duo Manufactured Superstars. While this is the corresponding video. Many morals were harmed in the making of this song and video.

Be Inspired:

Pioneering hip-hop figure Heavy D, who passed away late 2011 is getting the documentary treatment with “Be Inspired: The Life of Heavy D,” of which is debuting this Sunday on BET’s Centric network. Gathering interviews from luminaries close to him, from Mary J. Blige to Queen Latifah, including his family, the doc is shaping-up to showcase his profanity-free angle on the craft, woven into the tale of the label that spawned him, NYC-based Uptown Records. “BE INSPIRED!” was D’s last tweet before his death (via the L.A. Times).


A new chapter in divisive sample art was opened back in 2004 on this day, when a rising producer/artist named Brian “Danger Mouse” Burton mashed The BeatlesWhite Album with Jay-Z‘s Black Album, pissing off no one with its tasteful brilliancy, not even The Beatles nor Jay-Z. EMI on the other hand, who held rights to the samples Burton used immediately waved a cease and desist flag. Of course, the internet being the frontier that it is, here we are five Girl Talk albums deep in 2012. The single that took things large – “Encore,” threading Lennon’s “Oh yeah” from “Glass Onion” into H.O.V.A.-verse.