The Queen of Pop dropped the name of of her 12th studio effort on the set of the UK’s Graham Norton Show earlier today as “M.D.N.A.” Aside from the leaking of the demo version of first single “Gimme All Your Luvin'” by a Spaniard super fan and M.I.A. tweeting her involvement on the track, all that we can assume is that Madonna is actually at a 24/7 rave, seeking the light only to perform at this year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show. That or she just digs her genes. Hopefully she makes like Paul McCartney and explains the cryptic album title. If not, let the acronym decoding ensue. It’s more fun that way, anyway.

The Dawning of the Nano Review:

Trending the power of the tweet, Spin is taking on an ambitious reviewing project in the form of over 1,500 records via 140-character blurbs in 2012. Citing the devaluation of critics and the ideas said critics put into reviews, @SPINreviews, the Twitter feed is operational as of today, with its virgin tweet in artist/record/review/reviewer initials/rating format: “T.I./F*ck Da City Up: Stand-up guy gets keyed-up, tears up club on brontosaurus beats with every famous rapper. Top o’ the world, ma! #CW#7.” The 26-year-old mag isn’t halting long-form reviews as we know them, but along with industry trends is going restrict those to its bi-monthly physical issue push starting in March, as well as, in short, embracing these wonderful digital times. Isn’t the internet grand? Bigger question: What does this mean for the future of how we consume and scribe about art?

Anything For a Collab:

This week in unconventional collaborations, spirited wailer Meat Loaf speaks about his upcoming project, the latest in his hell-themed record lineage, Hell In A Handbasket (February 27th) and his penchant for 80s hip-hop collaborations, calling Public Enemy‘s Chuck D the “rapper’s rapper” in reference to the artists’ work on Tom Cochrane cover “Mad Mad World” that the two worked on in the spring of 2011. Already out in Australia and New Zealand, with a little internet sleuthing you can get a taste of what they wrought. Spoiler: it involves Chuck D demanding some hands get put in the air.

Still Rollin’ In The Deep:

Adele‘s 21 is still conquering the Billboard 200 chart, now in its 15th week at No. 1. For comparison sake, only a handful of artists have spent over 15 weeks in the industry limelight since 1990, the Titanic soundtrack on the low end at 16 weeks in ’98 and M.C. Hammer‘s Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em with the record at 21 weeks in ’90. Who will knock her out? Does it matter? She’s already sold the the most digital albums ever, notching over a million since the album’s release last March.


Controversial U.S. detention camp Guantanamo Bay saw its first plainload of al-Qaida prisoners ten years ago today. About five years later, during one of the largest social groundswells of opposition against the camp, iconic political punkette Patti Smith penned a tune framed around the story of an early prisoner, 25-year-old German Murat Krunaz and his quizzical detention and treatment based on suspicions in the involvement of 9-11. Titled “Without Chains,” Smith channels Dylan‘s “Hurricane” – [LISTEN] – jangling home sentiments that still exist today in the final verse, “I’m learning to love without chains.”