Natalie Portman on ‘SNL’; Photo: NBC

As an actress Natalie Portman has impressed with her commitment to character, a professional in the truest sense of the word. Her most recent performance was no different, and proved that for as talented as she is on camera she may be equally as talented on the microphone.

Portman made her second appearance on SNL and reprised her role as a jaded rap superstar. In 2009 she delivered a self-deprecating rap that poked fun at her celebrity status. This time around she took on a more scathing tone, daring critics to talk smack about the Star Wars prequels.

The skit began with Beck Bennett interviewing Portman about her previous interview and how things got out of control, ending with then host Chris Parnell getting smashed with a chair.

Portman explained herself, saying that she was going though some difficulties. And then the skit cut to her doing her best Cardi B impression. She rapped:

Port Man, Port Man, Port Man, Port Man, Port Man, Port Man
[Expletive] your husband and his best friend just for sport man
You know it’s clickbait, clickbait, clickbait, clickbait, clickbait
Put a dildo on a switchblade, switchblade, switchblade wooo!

Bennett continued the interview, saying that she’s “exactly the same, but with current references.” This caused Portman to refute his claim by saying that she’s a mother now and more mature. It then cut back to the rap video where she described in graphic detail what it was like giving birth.

The highlight came when Bennett asked if she saw the new Star Wars and how it’s better than the prequels. Portman erupted and it cut back to the video. She was dressed as Padmé Amidala and dared critics to talk bad about the prequels.

Say something about the [expletive] prequels bitch
say something nice about Jar Jar Binks bitch
Kiss him right on his 17 [expletive]
While I sit down on your face and take a [expletive]

Predictably the skit doesn’t end well for Bennett. Portman throws him through a window and stares into the camera saying “no more questions.” She played the thugged out rap star well, maybe better than some of the pretenders out there now. As far as when the album will drop, that’s still to be determined.