A performance of the ‘happiest Christmas song in the world’ at UK shopping centre, Intu; Photo: YouTube/Intu

Dr. Joe Bennett, a Boston Conservatory musicologist has announced that he has created the happiest Christmas song in the world entitled “Love’s Not Just For Christmas.”

In order to achieve the accomplishment, Bennett studied lyrics, tempo, musical keys and vocals of 200 Christmas songs for a British study called, Musical and Lyric Traits in the UK’s favourite Christmas songs.

He then broke down his findings into nine themes, and discovered that lyrics that mention ‘Santa’, ‘snow’, ‘home’, ‘peace’ and ‘love’, along with ‘sleigh bells’ in the chorus make for the happiest songs.

In addition to studying lyrics, Bennett also analyzed the compositions. He found that songs that followed a certain formula evoked more happiness, including major keys C and A, an average tempo of 115 beats per minute and 4/4 time. Bennett also references the word ‘Christmas’ 21 times, which supports a recent study that a mere mention of it can make a person happier.

The song was written by Harriet Green and Steve Anderson who wrote hits for megastars like Britney Spears. The song was performed by members of the London Community Gospel Choir who added a dramatic touch to the already vivacious song.

Unless you got DMX on the mic, most Christmas songs are about as flavorless as fruit cake. “Love’s Not Just For Christmas” looks to put that myth to bed; blending elements of gospel and soul into the equation.

It’s not quite Mariah Carey belting out what she wants under her tree, and it was commissioned by the Amazon of the UK, Intu, for use in some of their physical stores around the holidays, but with lyrics like these, who can complain?

I put a lot of tinsel on the tree
Bought a turkey and some brandy cream
And my mistletoe
Is hanging in the hope of a kiss who can complain?

Check out the full version of the ‘happiest’ Christmas song below, followed by a behind-the-scenes video of how it all came together, lyrically.