Murda Beatz with the ‘Rap Radar’ podcast crew; Kenya Frank/Rap Radar

Rap superstar Drake has been on a roll lately; his domination of the Billboard has been well documented and with Scorpion on its way one can argue that it’ll be a definitive year for Drizzy.

One of Drake’s most recent singles “Nice For What” spent four weeks atop the Billboard, and as proof that inspiration is as unpredictable as it is mysterious producer Murda Beatz revealed just how easy the process was.

In an interview with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller for the Rap Radar podcast, the 24-year-old producer explained how a casual game of NBA 2K lead to one of Drake’s biggest hits. It started with a beat and took off from there.

“We were chillin’ at Drake’s house, playing 2K, and we came up with the idea to [use] a female artist, to sample a female artist,” Murda Beatz said. “So I asked my manager, like, ‘Yo, what do you think?’ He’s like, “‘[Lauryn Hill‘s] ‘Ex-Factor.'” And Drake’s like, ‘Oh, what part?’ And we picked the part, chopped it up, I made the beat while he was playing 2K.”

After hearing the beat Drake simply paused the game and hammered out the lyrics as if it were second nature. “He’s like, ‘This shit fire,'” Murda Beatz said. “He sat there, wrote the shit in front of me, cut the shit in front of me. We got the shit done, beat and song, probably in like an hour and a half.”

It was an intuitive process and an exchange that might be a good promotional tool for NBA 2K. Either way the lesson learned is that sometimes just vibing out and enjoying the moment is all you need to get creative.

“If me and Drake weren’t together, that beat would have never been made,” Murda Beatz said. “People bring the vibe and me and Drake being together sparked the energy to make a record like that.”