A day out from Cee Lo Green‘s complete ditching of the freak-funk we all fell in Gnarls Barkley-love with, in which The Voice persona tackles the elusive Christmas album with Cee Lo’s Magic Moment, Green has made an announcement that he’s going to extend the yuletide toe-dip into a full on Muppet Christmas special come November 30. Dubbed the same title as the album, the event will mark his third Muppet collab, following his feather-studded radio-edit of “Fuck You” at ast year’s Grammys and the “All I Need is Love” duet from the forthcoming album.

While the cheese factor is just off the stinky charts here, we’re kind of in awe of his ability – even if mere coincidence – to lace in very adult pop-culture moments and themes within these songs aimed at kids, what with “Fuck You” and its self-explanatory shock changed to “Forget You” and now this single, lacing the contentious “Mahna Mahna” softcore porn lifted melody from 60s muppet yore on lead single “All I need is Love,” Cee Lo getting the bobble-head Muppets to howl curiosities like so:

Santa, won’t you come and get me
And take me where I’ll find my baby
All I need is love
Please, Santa
All I need is love
All I news is lo-lo-love

Meanwhile, dig on some of the other sentiments we’ve given the RIFF, mini-lyric review treatment before the album drops, proper. And of course the Muppets calling it like they cheekily see it on the end of “All I Need is Love:”

Muppet 1: I think the Muppets hit a new low
Muppet 2: Yeah, and his first name is ‘Cee’