Babel just won’t quit. The achy-string brits’ just-dropped sophomore LP, with its feet aloof in the dust of American gothic folk, just conquered American charts. And by conquered we mean bigger than the Biebs‘ 374,000 records moved in 2012 debut-week times, making the ‘Sons kings of the year, thus far. They nearly doubled Bieber’s 600,000 mark, a number just behind AC/DC‘s all time Rock Album record of 784,000, according to Billboard.

The stats go on to get pretty ridiculous, trailing Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way for all time digital sales of an album in its first week ever, at 420,000 downloads, among other notables. Numbers, numbers, numbers. We’re still not convinced they’re not banjo propagandists in sentimental disguise, here to co-opt yet another American musical moment with another British rock jaugernaught. Let us Americans have our Bieber, Mumford & Sons! Meanwhile, we are hear to decode every lyric with genius RIFF micro-review interpretations for every song. Like these gems for lead single “I Will Wait,” and so forth and so forth, until you are a equipped with the knowledge to see through the folk-propoganda.